Secret Supper: Ebb + Flow

Secret Supper Ebb and Flow by Eva Kosmas Flores-82.jpg

For the Ebb + Flow Secret Supper, guests traveled to the beautiful Oregon Coast to dine at a linen-draped longtable nestled in the sand at Rockaway Beach.

They were greeted by a misty layer of fog and sea-bean infused cocktails from Bull in China. As the waves crashed in the distance, guests enjoyed a leisurely meal cooked over the flames.

The menu, inspired by the coastal cuisine of Portugal, celebrated the season's abundant harvest from both land and sea: grilled Portuguese sardines and anchovies with a vibrant herb salsa, a crisp salad of chickpeas, cucumbers, haricot verts, garden tomatoes and oil-poached Oregon albacore, and an herb-laden stew of cod and clams. The late summer sun broke through the clouds in honor of Eva's dessert--a glorious yolk-rich almond custard torte.

It was by all accounts the perfect farewell to summer. Oh, if we could always be so lucky to cook with sand underfoot and the ocean breeze in our hair.

Photos by Eva Kosmas Flores