Secret Supper: Wintertide

photography by 2.JPG

The Windertide Secret Supper was held outside in the snow at water’s edge at The Suttle Lodge, near Sisters, Oregon.

The stunning table set in a three foot snow bank was truly feat of vision and bravery, only made possible by the tenacious ladies of Secret Supper.

For the meal, we drew inspiration from other snowy Alpine regions for an open-fire feast from the flames that was hearty, warming and deeply satisfying.

After guests were greeted with hot spiked cider, tarte flambé and cured meats, they were led to their epic winter table in the snow.

We began with hot, bubbling crocks of St. Alban’s cheese from Vermont Creamery with crackers and crisp vegetables for dipping, then sent out German-style cabbage rolls with a mushroom and brown bread stuffing on a bed of Napa cabbage slaw tossed with creme fraiche, grainy mustard and dill.

Next we served a dish known as tartiflette, brimming with everything good in life - potatoes, wine, cream, bacon and strong Alpine cheese -along with our take on carbonnade, a rich Belgian beef and ale stew.

Eva worked her dessert magic once again with a glorious almond chocolate marble cake drizzled with hot fudge sauce. You can and should find the recipe on her blog.

As the sun dropped below the horizon, guests snuggled under blankets, sipping warm chai. The glow of the candles and tinkling laughter set in this magical winter wonderland setting was truly something unforgettable to behold.

Photos by Eva Kosmas Flores and Christiann Koepke