Seasonal farm-to-fire cooking, immersive dining experiences, workshops, and private culinary event space in Portland, Oregon.
Barebones x SXSW - Field and Fire - Caroline Hargraves Photography - Ardor Wood Farm - March 2019-203-Caroline Hargraves Photography.jpg

About Tournant

Mona + Jaret


Food, Fire, Nature, Togetherness

Jaret and Mona love food and feeding people. After years spent cooking in restaurants on both coasts, they met while working at Portland Farmers Market, where their passion for community, cooking from the source and one another blossomed.

Tournant is a French word meaning turning point or watershed moment. With Tournant, Jaret and Mona have sought to create something meaningful and new. Their seminal farm-to-fire approach to cooking celebrates time, place and purpose. Often served outdoors in nature, their meals are guided by the seasons and local bounty from land and sea. Though ephemeral, these dining experiences create space for guests to slow down, connect, savor the moment, and create lasting memories.

Also translating to turning or revolving, the name is meant to capture the multifaceted nature of Tournant’s offerings, which include imaginative and immersive dining experiences, bespoke events for private clients, partners and brands, a charming dining room for gatherings and collaborations in Portland, Oregon, open-fire cooking classes, and slow food and lifestyle retreats held around the globe.


Authentic, creative, intentional, and soulful on a level that is difficult to find.

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Barebones x SXSW - Field and Fire - Caroline Hargraves Photography - Ardor Wood Farm - March 2019-125-Caroline Hargraves Photography.jpg

Tournant tribe

The Chambray Army. The extraordinary team of chefs, caretakers, creatives, dreamers and doers that share their hearts, hands and talents with Jaret and Mona make the dream of Tournant possible.

Photo by Caroline Hargraves / SXSW 2019 in Red Rock, TX