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Tournant Oyster Social ft. Gado Gado

  • Tournant 920 Northeast Glisan Street Portland, OR, 97232 United States (map)

We are so thrilled to welcome our friends from Gado Gado to the Tournant kitchen for the first time! If you haven’t yet been to one of their fun late-night noodle-fests at Sammich or multi course Indonesian feasts at Langbaan, you’re in for a real treat. These two are up to very good things…

Thomas and Mariah Pisha-Duffly have drawn inspiration from their travels in Southeast Asia and diverse culinary backgrounds to create dishes that are deeply flavored, richly textured and highly personal. With the iconic Indonesian salad as their namesake, Gado Gado celebrates Thomas’ Chinese Indonesian heritage, while innovation and technique push their dishes into an entirely new realm.

Along with crave-worthy dishes from this duo--see below for the menu--we'll be popping fresh NW oysters and there will be crisp wines, frosty beers and cooling cocktails to wash it all down.

Mona visited Bali for the first time this year and was absolutely enchanted by the intense and complex flavors of Indonesian food. Herbal, aromatic, spicy, sweet, sour and earthy—it’s like fireworks on your palate. Come experience it for yourself and we guarantee you’ll be asking yourself, Is Indonesian food the most exciting cuisine on the planet?

This is one East-meets-Pacific-Northwest collab that you don't want to miss! No reservations necessary, just drop by from 5-9pm for convivial restaurant-style seating. Hope to see you at the table, friends!

(Subject to change)

Chips and dip 12
crispy chicken skin krupuk, lime leaf,  chili, smoked oyster ranch 

Charred Pork Heart Sausage 8
sweet soy, sambal matah 

Sardine Toast 15
fried house cured sardine, sambal belado, bone marrow griddled bread, fried duck egg

Suckling Porchetta Salad 12
 sliced suckling pig, brussels sprouts, apple, pomegranate, parmesan, black vinegar, maple & dried shrimp chili oil, fried shallot, peanut, herbs
*available vegetarian 

Gado Gado 15
winter squash, potato, cauliflower, freeze dried corn,  fried tempeh, spicy peanut sambal, shrimp chip
*available vegetarian

Curry Mee Ayam 15
thin yellow egg noodle, bouncy chicken meatball, coconut gravy, fried tofu, shallot, scallion, herbs

Beef Rendang 26
shank & rib braised and fried in coconut cream, fresh turmeric, Oma’s aromatic rice, sambal hijau

Crispy pig head for 2-4   $55 while supplies last
griddled steam bread, burnt eggplant hoisin, pickled daikon, sambal matah


Oma’s Aromatic Rice 3
turmeric, pandan, lemongrass, serundeng 

Sambal hijau  6
green chili, tomatillo, anchovy, shrimp krupuk 


Coconut Custard   8
arrack soaked raisins, cashew cardamom cookie, pandan